History and Business Overview

Rewash Jeans is a rapidly-growing producer of women’s and men’s denim and woven casual bottoms. Since its inception in 1993, the Company has set a standard for High Quality, Trend Right and Price Conscious product. Coming from the premium market, CEO Alden Halpern started 20+ years ago with an idea that great fashion could be produced at affordable prices by correctly engineering every aspect of the production cycle.

The Company was founded in 1994 by Alden Halpern, an executive with years of experience in the woven bottoms business. Starting with a small initial investment, Mr. Halpern, capitalizing on the solid relationships with retail buyers that he had cultivated over the prior 15 years, has parlayed the Company into a Junior’s, Missy and Men’s casual bottoms powerhouse that has grown to become a leader in its industry. The company started off with a small line, produced domestically, and a focus on sustaining gross margins with low-risk customers. A key breakthrough came when Merry-Go-Round started giving the Company business and, shortly thereafter in 1996, when Federated Department Stores began to place orders.

In its early years, the Company relied on its branded junior’s business for the bulk of its sales. But as department stores grew increasingly aware of the unique designs and talent that Rewash produced, the Company had no choice but to respond to the market by introducing a private label division.

With long-standing supplier relationships, prolific product development capabilities, and an outstanding fulfillment track record, the company essentially transformed itself into a dual-model business:A branded manufacturer of denim and casual bottoms, and a private label "sourcing" company with unique product development capabilities.

Newly based at a creative space in downtown Los Angeles, CA, the Company is constantly evolving and producing innovative designs through its prolific design staff. The sales teams, based in New York and LA are divided into separate teams for the junior’s, missy and men’s businesses. As with the design, sourcing, production and logistics teams in the Los Angeles Headquarters, the sales organization is replete with experienced and respected professionals. Due to the Company’s branded and private label capabilities, virtually every sales channel, including Big Box, Club Stores, Mid-Tier and regional department stores and specialty chains, is a potential customer. The Principal, Alden Halpern, has built a team as notable for its talent as its loyalty. Mr. Halpern is a passionate and energetic leader that has helped carve out the Company’s quality and growth driven culture.