I Love Who I Am is built around a new generation of “Individuals” who are both introspective and ever evolving.

Discover the perfect combination with our sustainable and high-quality assortment of designs

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Why WE stand out

he I Love Who I Am Brand mission is to allow the consumer to decide how they want to present themselves to the world; casual or meticulously styled, their uniqueness or conformity is completely up to the individual to love who they are.

Unique Items

Love Who I Am offers hundreds of unique items and options that can be interchanged to create the individual’s complete wardrobe including shoes, jewelry, cosmetics, etc.


I Love Who I Am will offer an interactive experience and community where personal expression, acceptance of others and positivity will be embraced and promoted. Using Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook and Influencers, I Love Who I Am will share these messages to every follower.


 I Love Who I Am is a FASHION COMMUNITY. I Love Who I Am brand gives each person the freedom to flow between the looks of Coachella and the City style of Los Angeles.


The concept of I Love Who I Am allows for a unique retail experience. Forever 21 will deliver an inspirational message that shows that each person can be happy with who they are while respecting the unique differences of others. As a brand that offers aspirational styling at a value price point the I Love Who I Am brand gives each person the freedom to flow between the looks of Coachella and the City style of Los Angeles.With one of the most powerful Junior Design & Production teams, I Love Who I Am has divisions for every apparel category.

The Design Team is built based on the individual brand direction as defined at each project’s inception. Working closely with the in-house manufacturing and sourcing team allows for a completely vertical approach to the product development process.

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                    GLOBAL SOURCING

The worldwide, fully vertical, design and manufacturing operation that has been built over the past 30+ years begins with the Design Team that has a highly developed process that includes direct-to-mill worldwide sourcing of raw materials (fabrics, lining, etc.) The raw materials are often country specific and the knowledge of where to find the premiere materials enhances the quality of finished products.

The Production Team facilitates seamless distribution of fabrics and other components to the I Love Who I Am Global Sourcing factories around the globe. Further to the distribution process is the understanding of customs procedures as it relates to both the import and export of garments. Senior people in our Logistics department have over 20 years of experience handling freight and documentation. “State of the Art”, fully compliant sewing factories and wash facilities are the cornerstone of the company’s quality and social compliance mandate.

Each of these facilities is monitored on a daily basis and has been built to facilitate the manufacturing of each individual product category. Specific machinery, laundry equipment, chemical experts and manufacturing and quality control teams exist in every facility to ensure consistent, “high quality” garments that meet the aesthetics and standards that are established in the initial design process.

At I Love Who I Am, the Design Team is consistently innovating with new fabric technologies, creative styling and unique designs. This is furthered by our Trend Forecasting and vast global resources. The Production Team is able to scale-up manufacturing of the design samples with a speed to market that is unparalleled. The majority of the Teams have been with the company for 15 years or more. The art of building a team environment is paramount at I Love Who I Am and the designers and production team members thrive on new and constant challenges. The talented crew will be able to translate the retailers’ passion into product reality.


I Love Who I Am’s vast network of resources and seasoned team members enables the company to expertly operate in multiple categories in all stages from inception to delivery. I Love Who I Am is a One Stop Shopping company from Garment Production, Fit analysis, Fabric Development & Sourcing to Production Trim Sourcing, Style Development and Finishing/Wash Development – where we have outstanding flexibility and speed to market that is unsurpassed.


Now, more than ever, young people need something to believe in, most of all Themselves!The I Love Who I Am Brand allows for the individual to curate the looks that best express the individual’s style. This mix and match concept will be interpreted by the consumer, thus allowing individual expression of style, excitement and empowerment while maintaining inclusion with a diverse group of friends. THE RESULT IS AN AMAZING GROUP OF YOUNG PEOPLE WHO CAN TRULY SAY, “I LOVE WHO I AM”.

Today’s Marketplace is thirsting for a brand that truly resonates with the ever-evolving lifestyles of the 15 – 35-year-old consumer. This consumer is proud of their journey and is able to carve out their own Life Path. Expectations for high quality products that offer a unique way of styling each piece or an entire wardrobe are paramount to garnering interest from a wide range of personalities.Confident or Shy, Outgoing or Reserved, Fashionable to the Extreme or balancing Fashion with Basics, I Love Who I Am has it all. This brand speaks for everyone by stating:“I Love Who I Am”’s all about meThe I Love Who I Am Mission is to deliver exciting opportunities to the worlds of Fashion, Cosmetics and Lifestyle, allowing each person to build their own unique look with confidence.

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Our product mix consists of: 
Juniors, Missy, Junior Plus, Men’s, Kids

The product categories come in:
Denim, Casual Bottoms, Woven Tops, Knits, Sweaters, Outerwear, Sleepwear, Activewear, Shoes, Bags, Headwear, Accessories